Adam Klink Chasing The Record Books, powered by Legends

In 2020, Legends athlete and CrossFit Games competitor Adam Klink completed the challenge of a 500lb back squat and 5:00 mile in a single day. He successfully completed the task on July 12, with a 500lb squat and a 4:56 mile time. Well, he’s back again and attempting to not only beat his numbers from 2020, but to push the limits all the way into the Guinness Book of World Records. You can follow is journey on Instagram @adamklink.

Check out our exclusive Q&A with Adam about his journey toward a heavier and faster performance, powered by Legends!

Q:What gave you the idea to perform this 500# back squat and 5 minute mile run back in 2020?

Dave Castro actually put this challenge out into the world back in 2017.  In his book, "Constructing the CrossFit Games", he talked about having a conversation with an athlete wondering if anyone in the competition could hit a 500# back squat and a sub 5:00 mile in the same day.  A few people came to mind who had the POTENTIAL to possibly do it, but nobody had ever put the two together in the same day.  

Q: What was the training and preparation like for the first go-round?

I did my normal CrossFit training, but then added a running or squatting session daily on top of that.  I ran 3x a week and squatted 2x a week.

Q: What was the biggest challenge or surprise when you attempted the feat in 2020?

The biggest challenge when going through training for this was the mental aspect.  Some days I felt like I could hit my goal no problem, and some days I said "there's no way".  There was a lot of doubt at times. 

I have to say the biggest surprise was how my community rallied around me.  The people who actually wanted to see me succeed and believed was unbelievable.  People took time out of their day to help me train.

Q: So what is the motivation to attempt this challenge again in 2021, and when do you plan on making your attempt?

Growing up as a child I always read the Guinness Book of World Records.  I always thought it would be cool to have a world record one day.  Even though I have already tackled this feat, I have to get them out in person for it to become a record.  

Q:What benchmarks are you aiming to hit?

 Obviously, a 500# squat and a sub 5:00 mile is the ultimate goal.  Having done that once before, I really want to see where human potential lies.  I want to try to push those numbers towards both ends of the spectrum as far as I can.  

Q:Will you train any differently this time around?

It's funny you ask that.  I had the intention of training a little differently this time around, going a little more by feel and kind of "winging it".  But three weeks in, I have already decided to follow the exact programming I did, workout for workout, that took me to 5 and 500 the first time.  If something isn’t broken, don't fix it, right?

Q: Where can we keep tabs on your training efforts?

I have been posting clips of my journey and some of my workouts on my Instagram, @adamklink.  You can also follow every workout I do through my eBook, "Run Fast, Squat Heavy".