We understand the concerns athletes have when training in the sand. The temperature, harsh elements, traction, and ability to train for long periods of time. This is why we created the Legends Sand Sock. Our patent pending design has everything you need to train your body to it's fullest.

Dry Lock Cuffs - to Keep Sand and Water Out
UVA/UVB Block - Sun Protection
Quadra-Toe - Flexible High Performance Toe Design For Enhanced Range of Motion
Extra Seam Durability - Providing Flexible and Comfort for your Feet
Octo Flex Diamond - For Traction and Grip
Temperature Control - Padded for Protection allowing you to perform in the harshest elements
It’s understood that athletes use sand surfaces to improve performance without worrying about recovery or performance issues. Sand training puts you a leg above the competition. It provides resistance that challenges your body, helping to make you faster and more explosive.  The constant shifting under your feet engages small stabilizer muscles that improve balance and reduce the risk of injury. Not to mention it gives you an excuse to work outdoors. #LegendsSandTraining

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